Aloha again

We’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit, but when the decision is between lying on the beach or being online, there is no contest. Hawaii has been great. Junior arrived on the 28th, and we went north shore again to eat tasty garlic shrimp, see enormous waves, and go hiking. The hike was up a small ridge with knife-edges, in some parts there were natural bridges of rock you walked along which fell of steeply to both sides, and the views of the ocean were terrific.

To celebrate the Commish’s 60th, we got a guide to take him, Junior and me out bone fishing on the flats near Honolulu before dawn, and then Junior and Commish went out with the guide to fish from the boat in the afternoon on this side of the island. We didn’t land anything, but we saw and scared plenty of fish, some which were complete pigs! Bone fishing (with fly rods) is more like hunting than fishing; you look for the fish to tail and then try to cast in their path. If the water is flat, they are smart enough to notice any disturbance and then they book it by you and you have no chance. We could have sworn one of the big ones flipped us off as he zoomed by.

New Years Eve was also a blast. Everyone here buys fireworks, not just the little sparklers and ground stuff, the big aerials. We went to Soccer and Surf’s house to eat tons of more great food (homemade Hawaiian dishes and sashimi, etc.) and watch the fireworks being set off from a house just down a few blocks. The little residential roads were un-drivable with people throwing firecrackers, and ladders and other obstacles were set up in the middle of the road, rigged with explosives. You would have thought we were in a war zone, and the amount of smoke was comparable. The fireworks were of course terrific, and we toasted the New Year in style.

The last few days have been relaxing. We had to give up the great place we were house-sitting and move to a place we are renting for a few days. It is pretty funky, sort of an in law apartment, and the owner is a pretty weird guy. I got a little scare the first morning we were here when I threw on shorts in the morning and five minutes later an inch-long cockroach crawled down my leg. It isn’t too bad though, and we are a two minute walk from the beach which is awesome. Mustang and the Commish leave tomorrow, so we need to make the most of their last couple of days. Last night, Junior, Commish and I sat on the porch, just relaxing and talking story while drinking wine and smoking his last few Cuban cigars.

We head over to stay with Soccer and Surf tomorrow. Junior leaves at the end of the week, and K and I are here through the weekend so we have a few more days of glory left. Then it’s back to school to begin our respective pushes towards orals and the job market. It’s been good while it’s lasted.

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One Response to Aloha again

  1. Ma Torg says:

    Sounds like a great vacation! We look forward to seeing you again!

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