Socially Awkward

I’ve never felt that comfortable with kids. Anything below 5, sign me up. I *get* babies, toddlers and 5 year-olds. After about 6 (until 20)? I never know what to say, I cannot enter into their concerns and interests, and feel generally awkward (think Mr. Darcy at the Meryton Assembly. Kids are not handsome enough to tempt me.) This has made Hawaii interesting, because Dolphin (the oldest child of Surf and Soccer) is 9. Luckily she has a major cousin-crush on B and thinks he walks on water–but this has meant that she and I haven’t gotten to know each other as well as she and B have. That changed tonight. It was great. Turns out that she loves crafts and wanted to start a quilt for her stuffed animals. So tonight we took our knitting, our sewing, and our book upstairs away from the madding crowd and just hung out. B was too absorbed in Percy Jackson and the Olympians to pay much attention, so Dolphin and I sewed, knitted, chatted and snipped bits of the carpet out when she sewed the quilt to the rug. (Don’t tell.) Maybe Elizabeth Bennet was right when she said that it was her own fault she didn’t play the pianoforte as well as she would like because she did not take the trouble of practicing.

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