Manly Man

B gets a “Manly Man” award for our vacation (and no, not for his excellent falsetto part in “The Tiger Sleeps Tonight”), but because of this: B gets up to make coffee, throws on pair of shorts… seconds later, giant cockroach crawls *out* of shorts, down *leg*… B calmly squashes it, with nary a scream, shout, or even startled inhalation (although he did *look* a little surprised)… B shows dead bug to wife (me), who is grossed out beyond belief and no longer wants to wear any clothes (hmmm, perhaps clever ploy on part of B??)… Ahh tropical paradises, so many creepy-crawlies trying to get into your shorts (another reason I don’t want to live there–I took to vigorously shaking all of my clothes before putting them on–luckily cockroaches like B better than me.)

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