Tips O’ the Hat

I think it’s time to give a few tips o’ the hat around here. Brain and Donut have survived being parents for almost a month, and the Peanut is very cute (I got to hold him. So did B. Neither of us dropped the baby. Go us.) We met him at three weeks and he’d already beefed up from 7 to 10 lbs. So, tip o’ the hat to Peanut too, for gaining weight and being cute.

Rower One and Rower Two have survived being parents for a week now, and FuturePope is adorable–and tall just like her parents. We’re taking bets on how soon Rower One will have her on the erg. So tip o’ the hat to the Rower family for producing a cute little girl whose name declines in Latin, and having the good sense to make part of her name K (but with a C) (and letting me cuddle with her for half an hour. Good way to get a tip o’ the hat). (UberLutheran, why didn’t you name your daughter something that declines in Latin?? As Rower One put it, “what if she’s pope one day?”)

There is also one wag of the finger, to MisspentYouth, who was trying to tell me to engage my core muscles by sucking in while he worked on my back, but phrased it thusly: “Engage your core, like you’re skinny.” Ummmm, because I’m *not*?!??!! But don’t worry, I made it clear to him just what I thought of that phrasing, and even delicately suggested that he might want to re-think how he says that when working with young women. (and by “delicately suggested” I mean “forcefully instructed”).

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