The Power of Knitters

Actually, a more accurate title for the post might be: The Power of Social Networking Sites like Ravelry. Thanks to, B and I have been able to help someone who is stuck at the Stanford Children’s hospital while she waits for her baby boy to go through transplant surgery with no friends or family in the area. All because her knitting friends in Portland let us knitters here in the Bay Area know that she needed help (as in: the baby was medi-vaced down here and she had nothing with her but the clothes on her back). Sure enough, Ravelers have rallied around and brought her food, put her in contact with social services, donated clothes, and perhaps most importantly, gone and sat with her at the hospital. The latest update is that the baby survived the seven hour transplant surgery, and is now in recovery (but still in critical condition). B is going to deliver a package from us this week, and hopefully it will help.

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3 Responses to The Power of Knitters

  1. Sandra says:

    love. hope baby recovers and thrives from here on!

  2. Ma Torg says:

    You are so sweet!

  3. GardenGal says:

    i got all teary reading this. you guys are awesome! i can't deliver care packages but i can send thoughts and prayers…

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