Abrupt Giggle

I am grading for a class that brings me great joy. It is academically rigorous. The students, while scared of saying the wrong thing, are engaged. The prof is brilliant. She does, however, occasionally say things that I immediately have to write down and post as my status on Facebook. Today we were discussing internal inconsistencies in the three synoptic gospels, and how to deal with these differences. (The students haven’t figured out she’s a Christian yet, and are worried.) Specifically, the episode where Jesus says that his healing is for the Jews, and a Samaritan woman says that even a dog may eat the scraps that fall from the master’s table, at which point Jesus heals her daughter. Here you go (please imagine a German/Oxbridge accent):

“Some people eat dogs. Some people eat children also, they say. But that is less of a problem… but how do people treat dogs outside the United States? [student nervously mutters that they are mangy nasty and scary] Do you want those dogs under your table? I think no.”
Don’t ask me where the children-eating came from.
Here is one from last week: “As a pope said: religion is not a supermarket. You can’t say that today you want to eat yogurt with vanilla, and then tomorrow yogurt with banana. No. You have to eat it all. Or not go in the supermarket.” I wish I knew which pope said that…
PS, as you can probably tell, I have recovered from my maudlin streak of the last few days and have my sense of humor back. Thank God. I was beginning to bore myself.
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1 Response to Abrupt Giggle

  1. Ma Torg says:

    you are lots of things. I don't think boring is ever one of them.

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