Good Taste

B and I babysat FuturePope, the four-week old of Rower One and Rower Two tonight. After a lovely dinner with them, we swapped cars, sent the Rowers off to a concert, and we had sole charge of the petite enfant. I almost had a heart attack, even though she was sleeping in her car seat and we were exactly a half block from her parents. Being in charge of a very new baby is *scary*!

I am pleased to report we did not drop her, we did not poison her, we did not let the dogs lick her (too much), and we managed to change her diaper. I have no idea why her poo was bright green. But it wasn’t our fault. (Apparently it’s supposed to be??) Anyhow, the little munchkin showed she had excellent taste by snuggling down in her fleece sling and falling asleep against B’s chest for about an hour and a half. FuturePope has good taste in men.

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4 Responses to Good Taste

  1. GardenGal says:

    K, when the time comes I'll send you the link to Baby Center's Visual (read: illustrated!) Guide to Baby Poop. It's excellent after-dinner reading.Can't wait for you guys to be able to be auntie and uncle out here too!

  2. Pa Torg says:

    But don't you have to denote the superbity of the fact that the child will be the first female in said position: viz. "Future Pope (female, the first)". This is, however cumbersome and not conducive to blogging, I admit. Possible substitutes: Future Pope (f1); Lady Pope-to-be; Future Popette. The last, while my favorite, makes it also possible that the dear will try out for a slightly off-beat band: "Introducing … Benedict XVI and the Popettes!" These are the things your blog causes me to think about.

  3. uk says:

    really? bright green? That's so weird, Peanut's poo has never been anything but the standard "French's Mustard" yellow…

  4. K says:

    Ah yes. Her blog name is because her actual name declines in Latin (as you know PaTorg), prompting her father to say, "That'll be really handy if she ever becomes pope." I like the (female, the first) although if you read sensational historical novels, isn't there one in the middle ages, named Joan?

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