K’s Miscellany

Two things have been percolating through my mind today (I know, women thinking: v. dangerous). The first is that during lecture today Biiiishops was discussing the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans after a Jewish revolt. She said that she also gave this same lecture on September 13th, 2001. Before then, the students’ faces always showed horror at the actions of the Romans. On the 13th of September, 2001, she saw understanding on their faces. She said that for the last 8 years, understanding (still sometimes mixed with horror) has predominated on the faces of her audience when she gives that lecture. She said this year, it is finally starting to move back to horror. I find that interesting. (Also, was trying to figure out what my face was showing. Shock, awe, horror, amazement, hilarity, understanding??)

The second percolating thought has to do with being done with PT. That’s right: done! I think it should be a happy day, but I don’t feel that happy about it. I am kind of scared. PT has been an important (and useful) safety blanket the last two years of recovery (well, one year and eleven months). The other reason I am not bubbling over with joy is because the *reason* I am done is because there is nothing else they can do to help my pelvis pain go away, I just have to wait it out (that and I am out of visits per my insurance). I am pretty sure I’d be more excited to be done if I was also pain-free. Not that the pain is terrible; it’s not. But it is still there, and MisspentYouth instructed me to be patient and build back to all my normal athletic activities slowly, so I don’t irritate the bone. Having patience is no fun. I’m tired of being patient. It is Boring. With a capital B.
PS, SmallHeadedAnimal bought a camel teapot in Egypt. I am jealous. Why don’t I have a camel teapot?? Or a llama teapot. I’d take a llama teapot.
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3 Responses to K’s Miscellany

  1. Ma Torg says:

    How about you head on over to a 'color me mine' studio and paint one? I'd like to see you paint a llama. Would it even look like one? Better yet, send B.

  2. K says:

    If I tried to paint a llama, no one would know what it was, you are correct. But the awesomeness of the camel teapot is that not only are there camels on it, but the spout is a camel neck and head!!!!

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