As my faithful readers know, stopped PT because it wasn’t doing anything for my pelvis. At the rec of the physical therapist, went to get it checked out by a doctor again, just to make sure it was one of those “long, slow, boring recoveries” rather than a “good lord, your pelvis is still in two pieces, how did we miss that?! recoveries”. Good news: I was informed I have a very nice pelvis. That’s right: I might have diabetes, be a little crazy (am in grad school on purpose, so must be, right?), and have been run over by a LandRover, but I have a lovely pelvis. Go me. (Now if it would just stop aching when it rains or I sit too long, I’d give it a gold star).

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2 Responses to Ha-Haa!

  1. GardenGal says:

    A dentist once told me I had cute little molars. They sure have a way with words, don't they??I'm glad you have a lovely pelvis šŸ™‚

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