The Offending Tree

Here is a pic of the tree that brought me down. K and I went for a walk to the park so we checked it out. I was luckier than I realized at the time, considering there is a huge spike sticking out of it. You can also see the sneaky branch which hid the trunk. K wouldn’t let me retaliate.

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3 Responses to The Offending Tree

  1. GardenGal says:

    I'm going to reiterate that whole thing about how lucky you are you didn't crush your esophagus. And the piece about how you're definitely Startup's brother.

  2. K says:

    Or put out an eye. It gave me the shivers, just looking at it.

  3. Pa Torg says:

    Holy Cow. You need to enact vengeance in the form of a public service, and take a handsaw to that branch and the Protruding Spikes of Death.

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