Who’s on First?

Proctored a midterm today. As the moment drew near for it to begin, the other TA and I started looking nervously at each other. “Biiiiishops is coming, right?” “I thought so. I don’t have the midterms.” “I don’t have the midterms. She never said to copy them and bring them…” “So neither of us has the midterm.” “Well, she should be here…” Minutes pass. Undergrads stare at us. I decide to go outside and call Biiishops. “Hi! Are you coming?” “No, why?” “Do you have midterms?” “No! Don’t you?” “Are you even on campus?” “No, but here’s my copy code.” Errrrr.

I had a low blood sugar, so the other TA sprinted across campus, printed a copy, xeroxed the copy 70 times, and sprinted back. I entertained the undergrads, all the while hoping they wouldn’t decide to riot and maul me before storming out and going for a beer instead of taking their exam.
They started the midterm 21 minutes late and we cut out one of the sections. I’m okay with that, because it was the section of the exam I hate grading most (IDs). Ooops!!
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