Let’s Play a Game:

Here is a game I like to play: if you could be anywhere, doing anything for today, where and what would be going on?

Today is a cold, rainy, windy, nasty day in our neck of the woods, so a perfect time to play the game. Here is what I have come up with: Instead of wading through pelting rain while my fingers go numb after explaining midterm grades to my students, I would rather be curled up next to a big fire with a Georgette Heyer novel, and maybe a labrador or two. There would be a view, through some misting rain of green hills and copses of trees. Oh, and a nap. Definitely a nap.

Edited to add: In my game, labradors don’t run away and eat dead salmon if you let them out by themselves, so I would *not* have to go walk them in the rain, B. And there would be tea and cinnamon toast too.

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