Laws of Physics…

I need a new pair of jeans. My current pair has a hole in an inconvenient place (i.e., the inner thigh). Here’s the part I don’t understand: there is only a hole on one leg of the inner thigh. Shouldn’t there be two holes, where the fabric has been rubbing against itself?? I’ve decided that it is merely a structural defect in the pants, not that I gained a couple pounds over the winter. So there. (Although who doesn’t?)

In unrelated news, I had a funny discussion with a student the other day about the book they have to review for class:
Student (who claims to want to go to grad school in religious studies): This seems really good, but a lot of his evidence is in German, French, Latin and Greek. So how do you assess it? How do you know if he’s right?
Me: We learn German, French, Latin and Greek. Although I don’t know Greek.
Student: ?!!!
Me: Yeah, why do you think grad school takes so long?
Student: ??!!?!?
Me (silently and sardonically): HA!

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1 Response to Laws of Physics…

  1. GardenGal says:

    seems like it's some sort of darwinian thing… survival of the fittest (side of your jeans)? i've never thought about that before, but now it will be stuck in my head to ponder for weeks… so thanks 😛

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