Danger, Danger!

B has a lot to put up with, living with me. Here is an example from last night from two different perspectives:

1) B (happily lying in bed, reading and minding his own business.): OW!! (K has just poked him in the eye for no apparent reason.)
2) K (wanting to share some interesting information she just learned about how bumblebees regulate their thoracic temperature during flight, turns to B and notices a stray eyebrow that needs to be dealt with–so she decides to do him a favor and pull it out. But she doesn’t know she has low blood sugar, so when she goes to do so, her thumb doesn’t close to meet her index finger, and her arm doesn’t stop moving, and B gets poked in the eye.) Horrified laughter, only making B more sure that it was all a fiendish plot. (He does, however, still get her a glass of juice).
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