Camping Trip

A few days ago, we headed up to Yosemite. I had been before but K had not, and I couldn’t wait to show her the valley, where we were camping. It funny how when I went with high school buddies we stayed in a hotel, but I made my wife sleep on the ground. We had been apartment hunting until the afternoon so we didn’t get to the park until the early evening, but we had a great campfire and settled in for the night.

It was FREEZING. The temperature dropped into the mid thirties overnight. K was so far down in her sleeping bag I thought I might need to poke some air holes. We somehow survived, and I got up at 5:30 with to make another fire to try and warm up a little. Fortunately, that day was gorgeous, and we fit in a couple of good hikes to Mirror Lake and to Upper Yosemite Falls. Pictures will follow this post. That night, we somehow created the best bed of coals either of us had ever seen, which was perfect for our grilled cheese irons and marshmallows. It clouded over at night so it was definitely warmer than that first night.

Of course, with the clouds came the rain. We woke up in the middle of the night to a freezing drizzle. While it can be pleasant at home, it’s a little more disconcerting when camping. Our new tent came through with flying colors but needless to say, the prospect of staying another day was decidedly less attractive. We set out for home a day early, stopping by a Sequoia grove on the way out. We thought it would be a good idea to take a little walk since the rain had almost stopped. Of course the trail was on packed snow which led straight down to the grove. When we were at the bottom, the rain began again in earnest, and before long it was mixed with sleet. We made it back up the hill somehow after K got a low blood sugar, freezing wet as the rain turned into heavy snow. After changing into our last few dry clothes, we headed out. Now in a heavy snowstorm, we slowly began to exit the Sierras to return safely to our nice, sunny home with our delightful shower and bed. Home sweet home.

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1 Response to Camping Trip

  1. Pa Torg says:

    miserable camping weather always makes for a good story!

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