Special Snowflakes

Dear Special Snowflake #1, thank you for giving me a good case of the giggles in a cafe while grading your final (I can’t help suspecting you think Constantine invented the triangle. Perhaps it is merely your turn of phrase…). This line particularly impressed me, especially as the essay was supposed to be on the political and religious context of the 8th century *forgery*, The Donation of Constantine:

“He [Constantine] was the first to get rid of of Trinity’s chimeric disposition and establish the trinity as a single deistictic complex with a triangle representation connecting the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: After doing this, he is able to establish a power dynamic where all rivaling groups appeal to God and are accepted by Him as a formal faith.”

Dear Special Snowflake #2, really, you are not quite as special as Special Snowflake #1, because you were hardly the only little snowflake to mix up “ascetic” and “aesthetic”, but nonetheless, I enjoyed your thoughts:

“This in turn led to monastery orders. This was seemingly an outlet for those who wanted to live an aesthetic life…” (yes, that aesthetic life where one room in the whole monastery has heat, and the Rule clearly states that brothers must be made to bathe at least once a year.)

Your TA

edited to add: B read the above and his only comment was: “Thank GOD I don’t do what you do.”

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One Response to Special Snowflakes

  1. Pa Torg says:

    Dear Aesthetic K, Thank you so very much for this post: I now habitually anticipate each semester's edition of Special Snowflakes. SnwFlk1 certainly lived up to never-to-be-repeated-individuality: we may never again hear speak of the quashing of The Divinity's chimeric personality with a unitary formula represented in polygonal precision. But, don't stop believing. Sincerely, Your Ascetic Coworker.

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