Public School Sucks

I’ve cooled off a bit, but K’s school pisses me off. This crap would not have happened at mine. Her back gave out yesterday and overnight it got so bad that she fainted from the pain; I caught her just in time from hitting something. She can’t walk unassisted since she can’t hold up her body weight; the pain is that bad. And of course most pain meds are not allowed right now. We called up the health center this morning and took her into urgent care. After two hours we were finally seen. All the doctor did was give us a lecture on being willing to ask people for help (um, like her DOCTORS!) and say that K could see a specialist in a week. That was all. Thanks for coming in, aggravating the injury more, we’ll see if we can get someone who knows anything to see you in a week. Then I tried to get K crutches but they were not willing to agree until I insisted, saying crutches would make her not walk in a normal fashion. No shit. A normal fashion right now would consist of crawling on the floor, best case scenario. Once they agreed to the crutches, a nurse same by and had K try ALL of the different walking techniques on crutches, despite our arguments we were both experts by now. As expected (by me) K’s back spasmed again, she was overcome with nausea, and she almost fainted again.

By this time the doctor was off duty. We waited for the new doctor on duty (that’s right, only one at a time) and I went to try to schedule the specialist visit. I was told there was a spot this Thursday. When exclaiming, “Great, tomorrow!” I was told that that means a week from tomorrow. Getting really angry and stressed out (notice the bad timing with my upcoming job market?) I told the receptionist it was incredibly serious and we needed to see someone right away. They are at least trying to get us in on Friday now. The new doctor came by and realized that the situation not was sustainable, considering at any moment K could collapse and fall, especially bad in her condition. He said one Vicadin should be OK, and that at least made it possible to get home. Four hours later, we left “urgent care” with no actual treatment of any kind (but they still charged us $30 of course, a nice new policy at K’s student health center).

Oh, and if you’re wondering why K hasn’t been going to PT anymore, the school puts a hard cap on the number of visits, and believe it or not, she used up her allocation after being hit by the Land Rover.

On a side note, a big thanks to Brain, Ma and everyone else who has offered and provided help.

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3 Responses to Public School Sucks

  1. Ma Torg says:

    Screw the school. I'm taking her to my chiropractor.

  2. junior says:

    I smell threats of litigation. Just gimme a year and I'll be like this guy:

  3. K says:

    Junior "the Hammer". I like it. Classy.

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