Problem Solver

I’m a Problem Solver. That’s right, I am. What was the latest problem that needed solving? B had to be late at school, and I was on my own for dinner. (My scruples and bad back forbade me from mooching off our friends Ma and Pa Torg, because it was their 7th anniversary and I couldn’t walk that far. I’m so nice.) B kept sending me helpful texts all day, like: “spaghetti sauce in fridge, wld b easy”. I was determined that I would not starve to death. I thought to myself: “Even if I am trying to keep kitchen time to a minimum, I can boil water for spaghetti, or make Ramen, or scramble some eggs…” I’m so optimistic. Got home. Back hurt like hell, even standing was painful. Nausea also reared its ugly head, so that I kept getting the dry heaves, which made my back spasm and sounded something like this: “Ugh (sound a dog makes right before it barfs on the oriental rug). Ow! … Ugh. Ow!” I abandoned hope of cooking dinner. Time for Plan B.

Plan B: delivery. But damn it, no where here delivers! Plenty of places offer take-out, but these hippy Californians all walk to go pick up their food, so no one delivers! I went through Yelp and clicked on every Indian restaurant in the list to see if any delivered. Amazingly, one of the 4 star ones did (but oddly enough, only Tues-Sat. I was within delivery days. Phew.). I went to their website. A slight hitch. They only deliver if you order $30 or more. Food over here is pretty cheap. Hmmm. Nothing daunted, I started clicking entrees into my cart. Even with the addition of stuffed naan, and two orders of rice (gotta balance out those four entrees I selected), I barely made it to $30. At this point, I was kind of having fun and trying to decide if I wanted to add a few more things, like dessert. Common sense pointed out that with how my stomach was doing, I had been steadily losing weight due to lack of appetite. Perhaps the 4 entrees, two rices, and giant stuffed naan would be enough.

B came home to find me happily ensconced in bed, having eaten my fill. He went to investigate just how much Indian food that left over. Turns out, it leaves 4 entrees (minus a spoonful of each), one and a half things of rice, and 95% of a stuffed naan. Luckily, we here in the B household like 1) second dinner; and 2) leftover Indian food.

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