The Care and Feeding of Ks

Gentle Reader– Someday, you may be lucky enough to encounter a K in the Wild; but until you are, I shall tell you about the Domesticated Variety–its care and feeding. Often, Ks are fed and watered by Bs. But sometimes, Gentle Reader, Bs go Out of Town. When this happens, it is important to remember that Ks must still be Fed and Watered daily–preferably morning, noon and night. This may seem like Rather a Lot of Work, but Ks are not picky, and will readily eat most things put in front of them (but Be Warned, Ks have a violent dislike of Eggplant and Stuffed Peppers, and may attempt to hide pieces of any such food offered in potted plants). If put in charge of the care of a K, Gentle Reader, remember that it can be trusted to water itself, and follows directions Tolerably Well–so you can tell it things like: “Don’t forget the organic carrots and soup in the ice box,” and feel confident that the K can prepare its own mid-day meal. Ks really only Get Into Trouble when they do not have Direction and Inspiration. Therefore, if a Ks B is Away, you can best ensure the K will still be there when the B gets Back by doing things like inviting it over for dinner, reminding it about the leftovers it has in the ice box and encouraging it to remember to eat. The B will thank you when he Returns.

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2 Responses to The Care and Feeding of Ks

  1. Ma Torg says:

    You forgot to note that sometimes the Bs need their own watering, else they and the K shall whither together. In such a case, it is of utmost necessity that they rely on NOT the wild NOR the domesticated version of K, but the alien version of K that somehow never lacks food. How you ever survived before I sometimes wonder. (o:

  2. K says:

    Are you implying I drive my husband to drink?? 😉

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