Crazy Month

I have obviously been as unhelpful as is possible in keeping our few readers current on what has been a pretty crazy last month. We finally began making it public that K is expecting, and it has been a lot of fun getting to see people’s reactions. My professors were especially exited for us, which was nice to hear; we let them in on the news at my recent conference in Germany.

The trip was a lot of fun, although after a month of travel, it was very nice to get home. Ireland was gorgeous and we had oddly sunny weather. We spent a day in Dublin where K yelled at a Frenchman for taking pictures of the book of Kells (and then told the guard. I love this woman!) and then we drove over to Cork where we were generously hosted by BarrysTea’s parents. You haven’t really driven stick until you have driven on the tightrope wire back roads of Ireland at their ridiculously high speed limits shifting with your left hand. After a couple days in the countryside, we returned to Dublin to fly over to Cologne and the conference.

The conference highlights were of course not academic in nature: the organ concert at the cathedral, the dinner K described in a previous post, and for me, döner kebabs. Alas, K is not only forbidden to drink on our trip to, of all places, Ireland and Germany, she is also not allowed to eat street meats, one of the very best parts about being in Deutschland. The craziness of the world cup helped a little, but not much each time I was scarfing down a huge pile of lamb, cabbage and salt with uncontained glee.

In Berlin, we got to see Hostmutter again, as well as her older son and his three, soon to be four, kids. LittleBro was there with his “friend” so we got to hang out for a few days. We observed that he is a complete sucker for little kids and cannot say no, which will be very useful for us later on. After Berlin, we came back to the east coast to see my parents, meet my nephew and go to his baptism, and for me, work tirelessly on job packets to send out before the 4th of July. I am so thankful that that part of the application process is finally over. We spent the 4th with K’s extended family, which was a lot of fun, and we flew home just in time to beat the hot, humid weather that has been plaguing the east coast.

Now we just need to rest and recuperate from our vacation.

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