Nesting Instinct

So I’ve heard lots about this “nesting instinct” I am supposed to experience as I get more and more pregnant… While I am excited for our new arrival in December, so far I have had no urges to tidy our apartment, make space for the baby (but where will my books go?!), comparison shop strollers or baby monitors, make and freeze dinners ahead of time, or scrub the bathtub. You can ask B if you don’t believe me. Or just come look at our bathtub.

I think being an Alaska girl has directed my nesting instincts in another direction: blueberry picking. And not just any blueberries. Wild Alaska blueberries–the kind that turn your whole mouth purple and your teeth blue. Perhaps in the rain. And because crazy pregnant ladies have to be humored, we decided to celebrate B’s 30th birthday by zipping up to Alaska for a week to see Commish and Mustang. I called my mom for a blueberry report before we bought the tickets, and luckily it looks like the blueberries are a little ahead of schedule, so in 10 days I should be able to put on my ExtraTuffs (best boots ever) and some rain gear and go “nest” to my hearts content. I might also see my way clear to “nesting” some coho salmon too. If we can persuade them to try our lures.

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One Response to Nesting Instinct

  1. Rebecca says:

    K, you aren't pregnant enough to start the nesting. Don't worry, just before you go into labor you will panic about where the baby will sleep and whether it will be warm enough.

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