Just In Case

B has his first round of job interviews this weekend. Because I will not be with him, I have put together a package of things he might need as an aspiring professor with up to nine hour-long interviews a day:

1. 5 clif bars in a variety of flavors (but not chocolate brownie, in case it gets stuck in his teeth).
2. a Tide stain remover pen.
3. spare black dress shoelaces.
4. Listerine breath strips, for after the clif bars.
5. cough drops in case all the talking makes him hoarse.
6. 3 pairs of new black dress socks. (no, you can’t wear your old grey ones.)
7. Chapstick, but not in a fruity flavor. Plain, Manly chapstick.
8. a mini-lint roller (with a Cardinal red handle.)

I feel kind of like I’m sending him off for his first day of school or something: “Do you have your navy pinstripe suit? Did you remember to bring an extra tie and shirt? Tell the other kids to play nicely!”

He will do great, I am sure, and then gets to come play with us up in the Adirondacks for a few days as a reward. Go get ’em Tiger!

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