A Dream Come True

Met with my perinatologist and nutritionist today, and got some great news: I need to eat more steak, cheese, and butter. (Oh, and the Fiend is doing very well). But more importantly: I need to eat more steak, cheese and butter!!! My weight is a little below what they want, my latest blood work shows I am slightly anemic, and I am into the third trimester so I need extra calcium. At first, I thought this all sounded kind of sucky (especially as most of the pill remedies cause even more constipation). BUT THEN THEY BROUGHT UP STEAK, CHEESE, AND BUTTER as ways to meet my nutritional needs. yes please.

(And Mustang, don’t worry: the continued nausea will mean that I won’t suddenly gain 50 lbs. Despite my deep and abiding love for steak, cheese, and butter, I can’t eat very much of anything without wanting to yak and getting heartburn.)

I’m off to go raid the icebox for any combination of those three ingredients we might possess.

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