Trip home and baby care

It was a pretty good week in New York (despite not being used to humidity anymore), but it is tough being away from K. I am in JFK right now and can’t wait to get home. It was wonderful to see R&D and Sailor even for such a brief time, one of the perks of having to travel so much this fall. Tomorrow we are doing a full day baby care class, fitting it in before I head to Chicago on Monday. Hopefully I will retain at least some of the information; I expect to at least remember that shaking the baby is bad, since Brain told me that for some reason, that message is repeated continually. Really? What would possess anyone to shake a baby?

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2 Responses to Trip home and baby care

  1. K says:

    I might have bought a couple of cute onesies to welcome you home! (well, they aren't for you, technically, but you can admire how cute they will look on our baby.) owls and stegasorouses (stegasouri?) forever!

  2. Ma Torg says:

    B in a onesie. Oh, my abs hurt from laughing!

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