Monday, Monday…

1. It is both embarrassing and a bit depressing to realize the reason your key won’t unlock your house is because it is your office key. Note to self: you don’t live in your office.

2. Mustang and Commish head to Nepal tonight to begin their month-long trek in the Himalayas. B is off impressing (we hope) faculty everywhere with his job talk. This means Junior had better be ready to dash to my side/answer his phone as the geographically closest family member.

3. B was correct. We did in fact learn not to shake the baby in our baby care class. Among other things (like: newborns look really, really weird… but don’t worry, they get cuter).

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2 Responses to Monday, Monday…

  1. GardenGal says:

    I do that thing with the key all the time. House key at work, work key at home. So sad. Glad you passed Stump Care 101! [ew. i just grossed myself out.]

  2. K says:

    GardenGal, the sad part is that I never think my home key is my office key. I just try and use my office key for everything. Perhaps I subconsciously think I should never leave my office?? And yeah, newborns are kind of gross.

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