Competitive Yoga 2.0

I think the last time I blogged about competitive yoga I was teasing B. This time though, it is yours truly in a prenatal yoga class, and I am *totally* kicking the other girls’ butts. At some things. Not anything that involves stretchiness. Flexibility = my Achilles’ Heel. As in, I have none. At all. BUT, when we got to the wall sit–well. I showed my rowing roots by outlasting, with nary a tremble, all 18 other pregnant women. (Admittedly, outlasting the woman a week and a half past her due date was not very hard. But I also outlasted people clearly less pregnant than me.) THEN, we did the mountain pose (basically standing up straight) while balancing blocks on our heads. I even had the slipperiest kind of block (varnished wood–none of that foam crap for me), and, with nary a tremble, I mountained the hell out of that pose, as blocks tumbled to the floor right and left. I thought about doing a few waltz steps with it still balanced perfectly on my head, but decided that would be showing off. Take that bendy-stretchy-yoga-hippies.

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One Response to Competitive Yoga 2.0

  1. Farrar says:

    Hahaha, oh Kate. I miss you.

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