Boooooooo! (and a Special Snowflake)

You see before you (or: read before you?) a very grumpy K. B leaves again in the morning for 10 days. Booooooo! I was so excited he was getting home Friday and staying until Monday that I forgot to get the book out of my office that I am supposed to teach tomorrow. Oops. Looks like I might be the Special Snowflake this week… Good thing I’ve taught the Persian Wars before. (Of course, I don’t really remember doing it, but I know it happened–and I have until noon tomorrow to get my act together.) But I digress. The *point* is that I am grumpy, and B is leaving again. It is of no comfort whatsoever to me that he will get to see his whole family, and give a job talk at our alma mater. You know why? BECAUSE I’M NOT GOING TOO. So poo on all of you.

Yours in far-from-gruntlement,

PS, speaking of Special Snowflakes, here’s a true story from BCS (who doesn’t have her own blog to share this on) about her seminar a few weeks ago:
BCS: Montecassino was a powerful monastery in the 12th century…
SS (Special Snowflake): Too bad about what happened to it during the war. (it was bombed by the Americans because the Germans were using it as HQ).
BCS: Yes. Now, as we can see in–
SS: My grandfather was killed there.
BCS: Oh, ummm, that’s too bad.
SS: Nah, he was a Nazi.
BCS: Errrr… so the 12th century…
SS: He raped my grandmother.
BCS: (stunned silence)
SS: (with great cheer) So that’s where I come from.
BCS: (thinking: well sh**, how do you bring a discussion back from that?!!?)

Thank you students, for making our lives more interesting.

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One Response to Boooooooo! (and a Special Snowflake)

  1. GardenGal says:

    I say boo to you not coming too. I miss you!

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