Why do they hate tall people?

On my US Air flight yesterday, the flight attendant came by my seat and shoved my headrest down violently, saying it had to be down during takeoff. She dashed off before I could question this statement. As you may realize, this was a bit annoying since I don’t particularly enjoy having the headrest pressing against my shoulder blades. The same thing happened of course when it was time to land. This time however, I was quick enough in reacting, asking why on earth it is necessary to lower the headrest for takeoff and landing. I was told that it is impossible for the person behind me to grasp the seat to get up with the headrest up in the case of an emergency. Really??? Half the time the headrests don’t even stay up by themselves, and if they do, placing a light hand on top immediately pushes them down. How could it possibly have any effect on the other person’s ability to get out of their seat? I guess it’s just not worth the risk, and who cares if the tall person with the headrest down then gets violent whiplash during the landing.

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