How to Make an Exit

1) have your water break conspicuously in a public place while eating lunch. (just like the movies!)

2) pretend you just wet your pants for some reason and finish lunch. (raisin scones are good.)

3) call OB, and get told to meet him at the hospital because your water broke, you did not pee in your pants you silly woman. (okay, he was a lot nicer than that, but I bet he thought it.)

4) stop by class and announce that you are canceling said class because you need to go to the hospital because the baby is trying to come. (note: wear husband’s jacket tied around waist so students can’t (easily) see that your jeans are soaked from #1 above.)

5) stop by office and tell other TAs that you need to leave for hospital, and to please tell any students looking for help before the midterm that they are SOL. (give silent giggle to self at thought of students’ consternation.)

6) walk with husband to get cab, swinging by the ATM on the way, to make sure you have enough cash for said cab ride. Refuse to let husband tell cabbie you are on your way to have a baby, because you don’t want him to think you might get his cab wet. (outdoor performance jackets by Marmot make a good barrier to cab seats.)

7) arrive at hospital. congratulations, you have Made An Exit!

We are now hanging out at hospital attempting to keep the Fiend at bay (as B put it) until he reaches 34 weeks (6 days from now), or at least until the steroids they are giving me have time to develop his batter’s swing (I mean, lungs). Basically, it is a waiting game trying to balance lung development with risk of infection. We will try to keep you posted. Our dear little Fiend is looking at at least a little while in the hospital though, no matter how long he stays on the inside. *sigh*.

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One Response to How to Make an Exit

  1. GardenGal says:

    A Fiend indeed. Take care of yourself K, we're all thinking of you and sending prayers your way. *HUGS*

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