We have a son! He arrived 6 weeks, 6 days early (about 12 hours after that last post I put up), and while he will be spending his first 5 weeks or so in the NICU, he is doing very well. B and I are quite smitten. Quite. Our little man already has decided opinions about things: practice breastfeeding and kangaroo care–good; baths and diaper changes–bad. Feeding time? Good. Feeding tubes in the mouth? Bad. (he yanked out 4 before they could move it to his nose once he got off the respirator and the CPAP). I forsee many hours of doting ahead of us.

BCS has taken over my teaching load, bless her heart. When she arrived for the first day, she asked the students where I usually sit. This is the response (verbatim): “K sits wherever she wants.” To which BCS responded, “That sounds like K.” That’s right. I sit wherever I want. Ha.

In other news, when Dr. Rowing called in some prescriptions for the post-partum period (mostly “just in case” medicines for unexpected bleeding, etc.), the pharmacist apparently told him that he couldn’t prescribe those things because I was pregnant–and then got all concerned when Dr. Rowing told him, “She was.” and had to be given the whole story and sent his best along to me. One of the pluses to having diabetes and spending so much time picking up insulin, etc that the pharmacy no longer has to ID you?

B and I are so happy to welcome our little man, and can’t wait until he can come home with us. It is hard to leave him in the hospital every night. I just keep reminding myself how well he is doing, what good care the nurses take of him while we are away, and how soon he will be with us for good. Yikes.

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One Response to Ta-Da!!

  1. GardenGal says:

    Yay! Welcome Baby! Beanut can't wait to meet you (and probably try to eat you, so bring your A-game)! Startup and I also send our love – but we won't try to eat you.

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