Baby Bunting

We are off to try and spring our little man from the Big House and bring him home (he is now 3 1/2 weeks old!). So a big old YAY (as well as a tiny little, oh sh**–we’re in charge). We are pretty darn excited, although I am trying to contain it, just in case we get to the hospital and something has delayed it again. Because of his lungs being vulnerable we are going to be rather hermit-like for a while–it’s not you, it’s us. (well, it’s kind of you. you might have a cold.)

The trepidation I feel even though we have already established good breastfeeding and good bottle feeding, have bathed him, changed his diapers, taken his temperature, and burped and clothed him makes me wonder how parents who are sent home after a day or two do it. Mostly though, I’m just excited. Let the adventure begin its next phase!

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3 Responses to Baby Bunting

  1. GardenGal says:

    Woah. You've taken a temp? Beanut is 6 months old and we haven't done that. Woah.You guys will be awesome. Just remember that just because you're laying low doesn't mean it's a good idea to isolate – stay in contact!

  2. Sandra says:

    congratulations!! we're looking forward to taking our little man home too – but I know exactly what you mean! excited for the day to come, and somewhat terrified =) you'll be great!

  3. K says:

    You do know that NICUs now take temps under the arm rather than… you know… So it's not as impressive as it seems.

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