Pout-Pout Fish

My long silence can be attributed to my being a Pout-Pout Fish about our move. I exhibit strong state-dependence (according to my econ-lingoist husband). I know Gotham is the caput mundi. I know there are good bookstores and nap times and tea-and-scone places. I know. I know there are good OBs, and good endocrinologists, and good doctors of every variety that I might need. I know it will be easy for people to visit us there. I like all my family that lives there. In fact, I more than like them. I know I will have a marvelous time taking my pretentious stroller out for walks and being thin and pretty and a young mother in Gotham. I know that half of my good friends have already left Bear-Town for good, and the other half will be gone soon. I know.

And, there are many many things I will not miss about Bear-Town: the weird hippies who animadvert on my sunglasses (which, for their information were less than $10 at Walgreens), the trustifarians, the pathetic excuse for funding a public school can offer…

But it’s MINE, and I hate change.

That said, I am getting kind of excited. And luckily, the Fiend will be able to say airily to any pretentious little sh*ts he meets: “Oh, the first restaurant my parents took me to was Chez Panisse–the fresh ingredients you can get in the Bay Area make all the difference…” AG (abrupt giggle).

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2 Responses to Pout-Pout Fish

  1. Sandra says:

    which uppababy do you have? =) and love the chez panisse comment – hahaha. but it's so true! our friends who love to cook moved to NYC a few years ago and complain about the lack of good/fresh/local ingredients all the time. =)

  2. K says:

    The Vista–we Love it!!

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