Things I Wish I Could Buy

Top on my list of things I wish I could buy is a Pensieve. Of course, I would need to be a witch (preferably who got to go to Hogwarts–ooooh, which House would I get sorted into?!?!?) in order to use it, but I think that if I could get my hands on a Pensieve I would also be a witch. I mean, consider how handy it would be: it’s the inanimate version of a therapist, mentor, and conscience all rolled into one (and it only costs you money once). With it I could sort out and rearrange my garbled thoughts (and my garbled sentences??) and produce order from chaos. It would let me sort through emotionally difficult things, or clarify research ideas–or maybe just relive some hilarious memories.

Admittedly, I am not trying to stop an evil wizard from wreaking death and destruction on the UK, and so my need for a Pensieve is perhaps not *quite* so great as Dumbledore’s or Harry’s. But this is a wish list. So the Pensieve goes at the top of the queue. (Speaking of the word “queue”: it’s one I’ve always wanted to be able to put down in Scrabble. Just because it would look cool. See what I mean about needing it to clarify my thoughts? Pogo sticking around, not linear.)

Oh, and a pony. Duh.

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