The Fiend Strikes Again

The morning sickness might be over, but the Fiend has struck again. You may want to sit down before reading any further. And take a deep breath. Maybe two. Are you ready? Are you sure? Here it is:

I have lost my ability to nap.

I know. That legendary, glorious ability for which I am internationally recognized. I know what you’re thinking: she has a new baby, of course she isn’t napping! But it’s not that. I mean, yes, the presence of our little Bundle of Joy has severely curtailed the available time I have for napping–one of life’s great activities, incidentally. But when I get a chance to return to my glorious naps, they just. . . elude me.

I can’t turn off my super-sonic hearing or my less-than-sharp thinking (Was that the baby? Did I leave enough milk out for B? What time is it? What is my blood sugar doing? When did I last pump? Am I letting B get enough work done? Am I pulling my weight with baby care?)

I am bereft. What is life without naps? (and it’s not like I’m not tired enough to want one; au contraire.)

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to “Nappers Without Borders”.

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One Response to The Fiend Strikes Again

  1. GardenGal says:

    Please accept my most sincere condolences for your loss. I too am a nap widow and I miss them terribly. The super sonic baby hearing gets better (my heart no longer pounds when i wake up when he squeaks, for example), and I now mute the monitor at night. May your naps return!

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