Kindred Spirits

I recently found out you can get married by the Lake of Shining Waters on PEI. WHAT?!?! WHY DIDN’T WE DO THIS?!?!? Oh. What’s that you say, B? You didn’t want me to call you Gilbert in the ceremony? You also didn’t want to have to listen to me squeal, “OMG, this is where Anne did ______!!!!!!” every time we walked anywhere? I don’t understand. Surely you realize that being called Gilbert Blythe during your wedding, by your wife, would be a compliment of the highest order. What? You still don’t think that sounds like fun?

Fine. Party poop. What? You also won’t let me name our children after LM Montgomery characters? No wee Gilbert, Marilla, or Anne Shirley? Very well. But I am not best pleased–you fathead with no soul.

Only mark my words, I *will* have two china dogs someday to go on either side of our fireplace. One will look to the left, and one to the right and their names will be Gog and Magog.

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One Response to Kindred Spirits

  1. Sandra says:

    love. i considered the name gilbert, but someone, i won't name names, shot that idea down =P

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