Lost in Translation

Our dear friend BCS has a very nice Italian fiance whose English is… let’s call it “negligible”. Cappuccino (because that’s what he does, not because he’s Italian), is very much looking forward to starting a family. With every pound I gained during pregnancy, he gleefully complimented me on getting fat and beautiful. I mostly let this pass, because he was obviously so thrilled for me. I figured it was good to have someone thrilled about my weight gain.

When the Fiend arrived fiendishly early, no one got to hold him except us. A very few friends visited him in the NICU to wave at his incubator and wish him a speedy exit from the hospital. BCS and Cappuccino were among them. Cappuccino was beside himself with excitement at getting to see our little man before leaving for Italy to await his fiance visa. Only a few people can be in the room at a time, so I was waiting outside while B introduced the Fiend. Cappuccino came bouncing out, with this giant grin on his face and said with great energy (as only an Italian can),

“K!! He is stupid!!!”

I narrowed my eyes. I raised my eyebrows. There may have been a frosty look. Cappuccino sensed that perhaps he had translated what he wanted to say incorrectly.

In a slightly less excited tone, he ventured, “Stupendo…?”

At this point BCS came out and rescued him with, “Stupendous. The Fiend is Stupendous.”

Ah si.

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