Here are some reasons we think the Fiend was in a hurry and arrived 7 weeks early:

1) he didn’t want his birthday too near Christmas and thus risk only getting one “joint” present. (too bad kid, we’re going to count any Halloween candy you get as your birthday present. ha!)

2) he was eager to meet his SuperB dad, (or his uncle Junior, depending on who you ask.)

3) when we went grocery shopping two days before I went into labor and bought some champagne for a post-baby jollification, I foolishly said, “we have a car seat, some diapers and onesies, and champagne, what else do we need?” oh wait. SEVEN MORE WEEKS.

4) the universe does not like me to grade midterms, and throws monkey-wrenches in the way. (that’s right, getting hit by an SUV mere minutes before I was to begin grading in spring 2008, I’m looking at you.)

I am trying to embrace these reasons rather than continuing to be angry at my body for kicking the baby out almost two months early. He’s doing fine, growing like a weed, and getting nice and fat. Deeeeelicious!

edited to add: what *is* a monkey-wrench? a wrench thrown by a monkey? a special kind of wrench you only find at zoo supply stores?

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