I am a knitter, hear me roar! Here’s a few ways we knitters are awesome:

1) If you are nice to us, we might knit you socks. Anyone who has gotten hand-knit, custom-fit socks in delicious wool knows how wonderful this is. Socks are the ultimate expression of love because they are designed to be worn out. Hours of our time, and beautiful wool–that you will wear a hole in. And that’s okay. (as long as it takes you a decent amount of time. If you wear them out in three days I’ll kill you.)

2) We are very patient airport/line/doctor’s office waiters. As long as we have our knitting. If we don’t… well. watch it. I used to get very tense of flight delays. Now I sit calmly, knitting.

3) Knitters have donated over a million dollars to Doctors Without Borders–and that is not an amount to sneeze at.

4) We have a post-apocalyptic skill set. I am ready to barter my knitwear for your carpentry skills/beef/leather boots. (If I knew how to spin, I would really be all set.)

5) We are easy to shop for. We always love wool. We never have enough. (along with champagne–another thing of which it is hard to get too much.)

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders is a wonderful organization that is helping save people around the globe (including Japan) who have no other hope. They go where NGOs don’t and they are without a religious or political affiliation. Sadly, knitters cannot help Japan with handknits right now–there is no way to get them to the people who need them with the infrastructure so damaged. So for now, knitters are buying a little less yarn and donating the money to MSF/DWB. We are knitters–hear us roar!

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