I may be in trouble. Let me tell you. No. That will take too long. Let me sum up.

1) The Fiend is pre-teething. He does not appear to enjoy this. Ergo, we do not enjoy it.

2) The sunny weather is here. I have already gotten a sunburn… while wearing SPF 50. And it’s only the beginning of April. I do not appear to enjoy this.

3) The Fiend takes after his mother in his opinion about hot weather. He does not appear to enjoy it. Ergo…

4) A conference on nuns and literacy/writing I’d like to go to (and that my adviser would like me to go to) is in Yorkshire. Who knew there was anything in Yorkshire but moors and secret gardens?!? Getting to Yorkshire is expensive. Luckily it looks like it will be an annual thing. I bet I can figure out how to get to Yorkshire by the June after this one. Also–you know what is relatively close to Yorkshire (to a Yank anyways)? The Lake District. Arthur Ransome, you are dead so I can’t stalk you, but I can stalk your Lake District. (Note: even if Ransome were still alive, I would think twice about stalking him because his second wife was Trotsky’s secretary before she ran off to England with Arthur. Her name was Eugenia, and she had the lithe elegance of a potato. A strong looking potato. Ergo, I would hesitate to stalk her husband–even if he wrote my favorite children’s books.)

5) I am less than an inch from finishing B’s hand-knit wool socks. I bet he’s really excited to get his wool hand-knit socks just as we get record high temperatures this spring.

6) I’ve spent so much time and money on medical stuff this school-year that everything is now free. Wow. I’ve never hit that limit before–even when I was hit by the car! Babies are more expensive than getting hit by cars and getting cancer! Yay?

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One Response to Uh-Oh

  1. GardenGal says:

    Milk popsicles + Tylenol = happy pre-teething baby.Hope all is well!

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