Home Sweet Home

Ladies and Gentlemen: the winnah! We have an apartment for next year. We toured three faculty housing options, and behind Doors Number One and Two were your typical rental places: too many layers of paint on the walls, laundry in the basement, no counter space in the bathrooms, etc.

Before we saw what was behind Door Number Three (at a different location than the first two), the housing person said: “These apartments are usually reserved for fancy people, like deans. But they couldn’t find any, so we are letting you view it.” I would have liked to protest that we are “fancy people”, but the Fiend had just spit up and I was uncomfortably aware of a hole in my sock. Not fancy.

Door Three was a winner. New building, nice doorman, washer and dryer in the apartment, quiet street, two bedroom with two full (and fancy) bathrooms, and new appliances in the kitchen. In a word: fancy. Because it’s Manhattan, we are feeling extremely smug about the 1100 sq. ft. (Those of you who have lived in Caput Mundi are probably gnashing your teeth in jealousy, while those of you who have not tried to find housing there are looking a bit confused, and maybe feeling a little pity that I think this is such a great find. To the latter group I say: FANCY! TRUST ME!)

My only disappointment is that while we are allowed to paint the walls different colors the only approved palette is the “soft whites” palette from Benjamin Moore. So… I can paint our walls an invisibly different shade of white? Gee, thanks.

I feel fancy.

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