I Feel Pretty…

We are in the wedding years (and rapidly moving into the kid years). This is tons of fun. I love going to weddings, and looking at peoples’ registries, and dancing with B, and judging cake decorations, etc etc. However. I am not the most fashion-forward person out there (you don’t say, K!? We’re stunned.) I may be well versed in the more obscure points of etiquette (for instance: it is customary for a gentleman to walk on the traffic side of a lady, but it is also customary for him to have his sword hand free. Thus it is incumbent upon a gentleman (read: B) to decide which is the more likely threat: automobiles or brigands. B usually opts to walk down the side of the street that means he can be between me and traffic AND have his sword hand free–this decision is based on my past luck.)

But I digress. My question for those of you who know about these sorts of things, is: to how many weddings can you wear the same dress? I have a wedding coming up in a couple of weeks at which I am doing a reading (but am not a member of the bridal party). I obviously cannot wear the bridesmaid’s dress I wore to the sister of the groom’s wedding two years ago, or the dress I wore to leave my wedding reception and at Junior’s wedding, but can I wear the bridesmaid dress I wore at SmallHeadedAnimal’s wedding (a wedding with none of the same guests)? What about the bridesmaid’s dress I will wear in September for BCS? Again, none of the same guests, but the real problem is that I will be tagged in photos on Facebook from both weddings, thus showing the world I wore the same dress to two weddings within a month (and that I loaned a bridesmaid’s dress from a wedding two years ago to a friend for an upcoming wedding–actually, the real problem with that is that she will probably look better in it than I did!).

I like pretty dresses, but dislike shopping for them–so prefer to re-wear as much as possible things that look good. I also like all the brides enough that I want them to know I think their wedding deserves a new dress–I just wish someone would pick it out for me! (This is also my main objection to bridesmaids having to pick out their own dresses. I prefer to just follow orders).

First-world problems–gotta love ’em.

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2 Responses to I Feel Pretty…

  1. Ma Torg says:

    re-wear. who cares. screw facebook.and, you are silly.

  2. GardenGal says:

    Agree. Also, you have the dubious honor of being able to *fit* into all of those dresses. I can confidently say that I can't fit into the dress I wore to your wedding, or mine, or (thanks to losing that weight) even Cousin E's from February. Maybe we can trade, I'm sure one of mine will fit…

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