A Sense of Place

B, Little Lord Fauntleroy and I are moved (mostly) into our new digs in Caput Mundi–a land far, far away from where we were before. We decided before leaving HippieLand that we wanted to take only some of our furniture and find new homes for most of it (so, half the book shelves, the couch, the armchair, the desk chairs, one of the bureaus, and the TV all stayed behind). This means several things. Most obviously, it means that there is one big ol’ pile of books covering 1/3 of the living room floor (although, let it be noted that I got rid of so many books that a used bookstore paid me $150. That, my friends, is a lot of books). It also means that for the first time in our married life (that would be 6 1/2 years for those keeping track) we are able to take our time and select furniture based on something besides price (free being the previous favorite).

This comes with certain challenges. Some are due to our personalities: i.e. we hate bargaining over price, we are scared of bedbugs, there is only so much DIY we are interested in, etc. Some are due to the novelty of having both time and (compared to before) money: i.e. we don’t have to pick the ugly couch because it’s free, we don’t feel rushed to just get the easiest and cheapest bookcase because we have 600 school books about to swallow us alive, etc. On the other side of the coin, we still have sticker-shock for real furniture (especially since everything here tacks on $500-$1,000 just for being in Caput Mundi).

The biggest challenge though is deciding on our shared sense of place. (I would call it our aesthetic, but B would look askance at being made to have something called an aesthetic). Fortunately, we tend to like similar sorts of furniture (it would be tough on the marriage if one of us was into ultra modern furniture and one of us only liked Baroque). However. I am more willing than B to wait and look for exactly the piece of furniture I want, whereas B seems to have this urge to get all thousand books off our floor and at least one piece of living room furniture installed. (I think this is mostly because he has a high-def TV now and wants to watch it sitting on something other than a cardboard box). I have found several couches and chairs that I like quite a lot. Just not almost $3,000-a-lot. But I persevere.

The thing that will probably drive me to compromise my aesthetic is the constant battle to keep Little Lord Fauntelroy’s busy busy little hands out of everything (because anything that makes it into those busy little hands ends up in the busy little mouth and then gets choked on–I am now an expert at digging things out of his throat). I’ll keep you posted. Until then, I will take online style quizzes to “find out my personal style”! wheeeee!

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One Response to A Sense of Place

  1. mustang says:

    Yes, my sentiments exactly…you want the RIGHT thing, for NOT a lot of money. Unless you really, really like it, then it's worth it. Commish always wants the most expedient. Now. I say…hold out and let him sit on the cardboard to watch TV until you find a couch you really like.

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