Caput Mundi indeed!

Okay. I might not be on board with the extreme humidity in latest September, or the way everyone here stares at you ALL THE TIME (and not necessarily in an admiring manner–but that could have been the Red Sox hat). But. I am totally on board with the fact that I can go SEE IN PERSON various people I usually only read about. The list of people I am excited to see in person is not the usual one (although our nanny saw Susan Sarandon at the corner of our street this week and a certain British Mr. Brown was chillin’ in our building for a while). No. That’s the great thing about Caput Mundi: it’s more than movie stars and politicians! It’s the Yarn Harlot signing books! It’s The Classicist with whom I was lucky enough to take a seminar a few years ago giving a talk at the library! I’m so excited I can’t stop using exclamation points!

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