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A Random Friday:

1) B got home tonight a bit later than usual and informed me that he had left some papers back “at home”.

2) I informed him that *this* was his home, and offices do not count as homes.

3) As revenge, I encouraged LittleLordFauntleroy to poke him in the belly button. LLF went one better and stuck his tongue in too.

4) I’m not sure what to think about the decision-making process by my darling and (I thought), clever little boy.

5) I’m planning to write a long ranting post about how if Cal really supported grad student families and women finishing PhDs they would insure said women’s babies for more than $25,000 lifetime in the first 30 days (for a point of reference: LLF’s original bill was $254,000). I have to get less mad before I do so, or it will just be incoherent cursing. Thank God we also paid to insure him through Stanford.

6) If I don’t stop typing and go sip my wine while watching Doc Martin (great British show, if you’ve never watched it), B has just threatened to “go back home”.

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  1. Pa Torg says:

    This post makes me miss the two (three) of you a lot. Because I can exactly imagine this whole thing going down. Well, almost all. I'm refraining from exactly imainging LLF's tongue in B's umbilical hole.

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