In Contrast

I love quizzes (which Hogwarts House should you be in? which Lord of the Rings race would you belong to? what would your patronus look like?), and the Myers-Briggs test is a great example. It is useful to know your personality type (mine is nicknamed “The Mastermind”. B looked unsurprised when I told him that.), not only because it gives you insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, but it also lets you understand other peoples’. B and I have complimentary types that the literature on the topic say are a good match romantically (basically, you want your two middle letters to match, and your two outer letters to be different). I’m an INTJ and B is an ENTP. So, check. But even one letter different can make a large difference in how people approach situations and problem-solve. A case in point would be how SmallHeadedAnimal’s husband Topsider and I handled being stuck in a tiny hotel room in Italy together.

We had only met before the trip because we were the only two of the students trying to get to Italy after 9/11 who were stranded in Beantown. We didn’t know each other well. At all. We got to our hotel, and because it was Italy, they seemed completely surprised to see us. (We had called twice and emailed them to let them know we were arriving that day.) They informed us they had only one room available. Fine. Whatever. Topsider and I staggered up (jet lagged and grumpy) to the room. It was literally the size of our dining room table. Our dining room table seats 6 if you don’t mind being cozy. Topsider and I sat down on our respective beds. This meant our knees were squashed together. This is where my INTJ type, and his INTP type had different reactions to the situation. He was thinking: “What is the optimal solution to this problem?” I was thinking, “Are you effing kidding me?!” Always the gentleman, his solution was to politely ask me, “Do you want to get undressed first, or shall I?” My (somewhat less polite) response was to look him in the eye and say, “Get the hell out.”

Topsider and I had a good laugh over this just the other evening, because it so perfectly captures the different ways different personalities work. And yes, there is a quiz to tell you which Harry Potter character has the same personality type as you. I got Severus Snape.

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