Too Much Information?

I have been updating my CV (and wow, I taught Ancient History quite a few times), and it’s amazing how flat it makes even the most fascinating person seem. (Not that I think I am the most fascinating-ist person out there, but even so I now resemble a cardboard cut-out of a grad student). I am having to resist the urge to try and present a more rounded picture by adding items like:

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009 Cancer Survivor, Motherf**ker!

It seems like maybe it crosses a line.

PS, feel free to add in the comment section other things you think I ought to include on my CV-of-TMI.

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6 Responses to Too Much Information?

  1. Ra says:

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  2. Ra says:

    I think we should get major points for dealing with chronic health stuff. I want a section that says something like:I deal with more chronic pain on a daily basis than you would know what to do with – at pain levels where you would go to the ER, I overachieve. Anything you are planning to throw at me will be small beans considering the last five years;Or something better worded.

  3. K says:

    I think that's pretty well worded… All I would add would be: HA!

  4. Ra says:

    Love it! … now how do I translate that into Spanish and French…

  5. Pa Torg says:

    I would use faint greyscale images in the background to subtly indicate your special-ness. I suggest the following items: insulin pump, that toxic-chemo sign (I know you didn't, but it means cancer to many), a baby, knitting needles + socks. No words.

  6. K says:

    If I do images, I think I'd have to add a bottle of champagne to the list… 😉

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