Game On

B and I went to Christie’s last night for a holiday party so we could gawk at Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels (and art, and clothes) before they go on auction. It was great fun, and here is a sample of our conversation over the course of the evening:

K: Oh hey, here’s a room with art in it!
B: I like that one over there.
K: Yeah. It’s a Van Gogh.
B: Why did Degas paint such an ugly dude? …. Oh. It’s a self-portrait.
K: Bet the ballerinas loved having that guy around.
. . .
B: Those three diamond rings are pretty small compared to all the other jewels in here.
K: That’s because they were a present from Richard Burton for winning a game of ping pong.
B: …. Don’t get any ideas. You will never defeat me in ping pong.
K: (envisions herself winning diamond rings from B via ping pong games)
B: I will train.

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1 Response to Game On

  1. Ma Torg says:

    Nothing about this conversation surprises me.However, it does make me miss you two!!

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