Welcome to the Jungle

Our dear friend Editress is staying with us for a little while. I don’t think she can have been paying very close attention to the lessons she ought to have been learning in Africa. Twice now she has been the slowest to finish her broccoli and LLF (who apparently knew the lessons of the Serengeti from birth), has zeroed in on this weakness and pounced. Here is how any dinner that involves broccoli has proceeded:

K and B (inhaling their broccoli before LLF notices they have any, then watching to see what happens to Editress): That was good, too bad it’s all gone.

Editress (happily humming and she enjoys her dinner and saves her favorite broccoli for last): Dum-de-dum-de-dum.

LLF (circles the table like a miniature shark scenting blood. He discards Mummy and Daddy as useless broccoli-free zones. He spots Editress grazing unawares and circles closer.)

Editress: Oh, hi LittleLordFauntleroy!

LLF (bats eyelashes, points fat little finger at broccoli and gives a gently interrogatory): “Ahh?”

Editress: That’s my broccoli, you already ate yours dear.

LLF (Points imperiously and stands on tiptoes while inching closer to broccoli): GGAHHHHH!!!!! GGAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GGAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Jungle Editress. Eat your broccoli fast and silently.

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