We took the little guy to see my parents last weekend, and he loved it. They live in the woods on the side of a hill up in NH. The weather was beautiful and we could let him explore at will—well, almost at will. He decided that a fun new game would be to start running down the steep hillside with no hope of catching himself from crashing and burning and hope that one of us would catch him before he cracked open is skull. Naturally when we caught him, his velocity would be so great that he also ended up being tossed into the air as we needed to use a gravity assist to break his momentum. He realized quickly that this game was not only a blast, but one in which his helpless parents were compelled to participate, as soon as he made evident his intent to bolt down the mountainside. At least we were able to put his crib in a different room at night in an attempt to recover from his antics with a good, sound sleep.

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