What Brunch Means to Us

It’s a bit of a grey, rainy day here in Caput Mundi, so we decided to get out of the house for lunch. Our breakfast consisted of healthy, normal things like peanut butter on toast or plain yogurt with a banana and honey. Not so lunch. B put it best: “We just had brunch. Not because of the time, but because we each just ate an entire breakfast and lunch.”

We went to a diner around the corner that is great because it is: A) large; and B) fast. Below is a list of what we ordered (and yes, it was just B, LLF and myself), and how we thought the food would be divided. Following is a list of how the food was actually divided.

The order: grilled cheese (K), chili on rice (K and LLF), tomato/basil/sausage frittata (with home fries and toast) (B and LLF), chicken mushroom quesadilla (with gaucamole, salsa, sour cream and jalepenos) (B and LLF).

We figured that LLF would eat a bit of most of those dishes, and we could eat/bring home the rest. Well. LLF had other plans. Here is what he ate:

Ice water scooped out of B’s glass with a spoon, two mushrooms, one container of guacamole, two containers of sour cream, any home fries he could smash into and then suck out of his straw, a packet of grape jelly.

B and I ate the rest. (but for the record, I shamelessly scooped all the chili and melted cheese off the rice and left the rice to feel all left out and alone–who puts chili on rice anyways?).

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